Ionica amplifiers

Adam Moss <adamory@...>

Hi all,

I have a quantity of these, but won't be able to attend RAL.

If anyone wishes to have one they're most welcome at the going
rate, which is £45 pls p&p. Mine all have the HP final device. I have
a modest quantity available at present (around a dozen).

I also have some brand new old stock sheets of Rogers Duroid,
0.031" PTFE PCB. These sheets are 12 by 18 inches D/S and probably
6002 as previous batches from the same disposals source have been
6002, I have a very modest quantity of these available at £20 per
sheet plus P&P.

Always happy to consider other items in exchange, but about the
only things I need at the moment are a decent 3.4G filter unit in a
handy size, and a 5.7G filter for my transverter which is in


Adam Moss G0ORY QTHR