DUBUS 2/2002 Mailed 20 Sept - Important Announcement - Please Read!

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Issue 2/2002 was mailed to all subscribers on 20 September.

The deadline for issue 3/2002 is 22 October, with a expected mailing
date of of 11 November.

Please read the editorial (for 2/2002) by Joachim Kraft below:

Dear DUBUS Reader! I apologize for being so late with this issue No.
2/2002. In July the health status from our chief editor Rainer
Bertelsmeier, DJ9BV, suddenly got really worse. He had just started
with the work for this issue, and at the end of August I took over
the complete work of editing. Unfortunately Rainer will not be able
to do any work for DUBUS in the future.

This causes a big hole for DUBUS, because it will be almost
impossible to substitute for Rainer. He has been the technical editor
for DUBUS since issue 4/1988, and he also wrote many articles. His
articles about yagis and preamps have set the state of the art. Also
Rainer made the complete layout of each DUBUS issue.

Nowadays it is impossible to find any one person who could do all
this work in their own rare free time. Myself I will do all the
layout work in the future, but instead of having a single technical
editor I have suggested to build a team of technical editors and
authors for DUBUS.

I have to thank Ian White, G3SEK, who spontaneously was the first to
say yes to this proposal. Michael Kuhne, DB6NT has also agreed to be
part of the team. I would be happy if other of the previous DUBUS
authors - and new ones, of course - would join this group. For
details please contact me.

I will do my very best to make DUBUS continue to be an interesting
magazine, and I promise that DUBUS will come regularly again from
now! In the coming issue No. 3/2002 we will make a big poll about the
content and future of DUBUS.

Finally, I want to say a strong thank you - and also in the name of
all VHF/UHF/SHF amateurs - to Rainer, DJ9BV, for all his outstanding
work for us during the past 13 years!



PS: Luis, CT1DMK has also become a member of the technical editing


I have sent our best wishes on behalf of the UK microwave fraternity
wishing Rainer a speedy recovery.

I will be continuing to edit the Microwave Europe column.

There will be some changes I think in the way DUBUS is being run and
organised - if you subscribe please pay attention to the editorials
for the latest news

If your interested in subscribing and if you're into VHF and up then
its really a must then please see the UK reps (G4PMK) website at


Simon GM4PLM
Editor - DUBUS Microwave Europe Column