Welcome Aboard!

gm4plm <simon@...>

Welcome! As an attempt to kick start some co-ordinated activity
between UK microwavers (and close friends in EU) I thank you for your
interest and your joining this group.

The group is for discussion of amateur radio above 1 GHz, any mode,
any style (ie terrestrial satellite EME etc) - Please be an active
addition to the group and share news and information that you know

It seems there is much going on in the UK but in isolated groups.
News does not seem to penetrate everywhere and much of it gets
missed. I visualise this group as spreading news, information etc
around the UK (and EU as our close neighbours). This should include
whats available on the second hand and surplus markets and what
events are coming up, contests etc. I do notice that information on
surplus items gets banded about but does not reach some parts of the
UK outside the central belt!

Please use the group constructively and responsibly. I don't want it
to turn into a soapbox, RSGB bashing ground, or an area for personal
attacks. Lets be sensible but constructive - its not a moderated
group and I am not the censor - I only set it up to try and stimulate
some activity in the hope this will permeate to the bands!

Thanks for your time and interest!

feel free to post away!

73 Simon GM4PLM