DB6NT 10GHz transverter TX drive level setting?

philg4iio <phil@...>

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for reading this…

I have a 3cm transverter MKU 10G2 which I have just re-boxed along
with a 1 Watt PA. I plan to drive the unit directly from my 817 which
has been modified to supply 5 volts on transmit via the BNC connector.

Can anyone tell me the input power level range required to output
200mW as drive to the PA? The maximum IF input is stated as being 4
Watts, what is the minimum drive level? Incidentally the TX gain pot
is currently set to the 12 O'clock position, am I correct in assuming
that this equates to approximately 2 Watt of 144MHz RF? I don't have a
power meter for 3cm so I am reliant on the monitor output level on the
PA to set the transmitter levels.

I plan to set the gain of the pot to achieve the 200mW of 3cm drive
output when driven from the 817 on its lowest power setting of 500mW.

Many thanks,


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