Re: Cheerful L band Synth

Andy Rutter, G8HCK

Richard Morrall wrote:

I have investigated PCB-POOL, and assuming the pcb is 80mm * 40mm, they will do 3 PCB's as a minimum for about 76 Euro. I need 2 PCBs so I would sell one. Could you confirm the PCB size. They will accept Gerber files.

You may want to try Futurlec ( They are a lot cheaper than PCB-Pool. I have used them for several PCBs and the quality is good. The one off cost for a 80mm x 40mm double sided board with solder masks and screen is $54.20. The artwork and setup is a fixed cost so 5 PCBs done at the same time gets the price down to $13.40 each - you don't have to panelize them. Forgoing the masks and screen gets the price down to $6.20 per board. Shipping is an additional $9.

IAC, please put my name down for one PCB if you decide to have a quantity made (irrespective of manufacturer).

Andy, g8hck

Could you please send me the PCB file to g8zha at blueyonder dot co dot uk
Due to the MOQ of places like RS, I will have plenty of components to be able to supply the pcb and the basic resistors and capacitors needed, if anyone wants the other PCB.
If more PCBs are ordered, then the price will come down further.

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