Re: Martlesham Microwave Round Table Booking site up and running

Jonathan Naylor <naylorjs@...>

Oh dear.

Obviously simple web pages are too complex for some people.

Look, it's really very simple.

On the main screen, there is a button marked Book on the left hand
side. Click that with the left mouse button.

Then you'll get another screen, on it is an entry that says "Register
a new person", you'll see that the word Register is a little different
from the rest, this is called a hyperlink, click that with your left
mouse button.

You'll then get a helpful screen talking about privacy, click the
Continue button at the bottom, with the left hand mouse button.

Then, as if by magic, you get the booking screen. And what is
absolutely amazing, is that the choice of food is displayed. You can
also say which days that you'll be attending, and other important stuff.

Wow, praise be!

Now, next time you have a problem with a web page, please engage your
brain before sending off an insulting message.


Jonathan ON/G4KLX

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