Re: 1.5m dish at maplins

Chris Ruddy MM0KOS

Just wondering if it is the A12FB 180cm Dish from Maplin

As far as i have been told (im a rookie on 23cm also) it is best to
have the dish at least 10 times the wavelenght of the band you are
going to work or you will under illuminate the dish, i have at the
moment a 1.8m dish with a 23cm OK1DFC septum (easy to build) and to be
fitted to it.

i found a 2.4m dish at this was the
lowest UK price i could find for them, and seems quite reasonable, if
anyone can find one cheaper please let me know as this will be my next

--- In, "John Randall" <m0els@...> wrote:

Hallo ALL, Has anyone any comments on this disk at £99.00 each , as
whether its suitable for 23cm, 3cm and if an ok1fdfc 23cm septum,
illuminate it ok ??



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