Re: dmc 24g tvtrs??

gm4plm <simon@...>

If anyone else has a unused DMC case I would glas to hear from you!

Andy GM7GDE (now DL5KAH) is going to use my old WGD 10g system from
his home QTH in Düsseldorf

So another case would not go amiss to help him

he has my old wdg system and we just got him a 1w pa so he will be a
newcomer on the band!


Simon DL4PLM/GM4PLM/PA4...... !

--- In ukmicrowaves@..., "gm4plm" <simon@...> wrote:

what was the name of the company in Burton(?) that sold the 24g

I am looking for the case that houses these

does anyone have a spare DMC unit they have ripped all the parts


Simon Dl4PLM

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