Re: Microwave SDR Group

Jonathan Naylor <naylorjs@...>

We wouldn't rule out a USB interface in the long term, but we've set
our sights on Ethernet as we feel is does the best job all round.
There is such a thing as Power over Ethernet (PoE) which can handle
more power than a USB port, 15W I think, and we will look into that in
due course also.

I've certainly used USB to Ethernet adapters and they work very well.
We are using 100baseT, not 10baseT due to bandwidth requirements.

I'm not sure that a web interface is suitable for a weak signal radio,
maybe with AJAX it would be usable, but we're not going there yet. The
PC end has to be a thick client as that is where the DSP is done, and
even with a web front end, there is still significant processing
behind the scenes.

I am thinking in the long term that we could split the GUI
functionality and the DSP part and use IP for that too. The audio
could be decimated/interpolated to 8 KHz sample rate which would
reduce the bandwidth requirements considerably, but that would be
after the DSP. There is at least one amateur operating remotely such a
station, in fact across national boundaries!

Just imagine a remote shack on a mountain ......

Jonathan ON/G4KLX (G4KLX from Wednesday PM for a few days)

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