Re: Ailtech 7618EL 3mm connector.

DF6NA Rainer


my datasheet says 1-18GHz and SMA.

73, Rainer

Am 03.09.2022 um 09:41 schrieb f1ghb:


What is the max frequency of the 7618EL ?

I saw a 7618 with a maximum frequency of 18 Ghz, the connector is SMA

Let say if the EL version has a max frequency around 26 Ghz , may be the 3mm connector is a 3,5mm one ? and if the max frequency approach 40 Ghz , yes it could be 2,92mm

Best 73s

Le 03/09/2022 10:33, Conrad, PA5Y a écrit :

I am expecting the delivery of an Ailtech 7618EL noise source early next week. It is a nominal 6dB ENR source, and the datasheet lists the output connector as a 3mm male. Is this likely to be a 2.92mm K connector? I want to buy an N adapter, but I cannot find any reference to a 3mm connector. Supposedly the 2.92mm K connector can be mated with a SMA but I do not want to damage it.


Any advice?




Conrad PA5Y


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