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John Quarmby

Gross mismatches eg logging in BST instead of UTC may result in a penalty. Time differences >5 minutes are highlighted in the adjudication process but no points are lost if the  QSO details are correct.

Mismatches of up to 10 minutes are quite common for the reasons already stated, and can also arise when a QSO that was "complete" is re-visited when signals come up in QSB because one station wants to confirm information they are unsure of, they can end up with a new end time in their log, whereas the other station that received everything OK the first time does not make any change to their log entry.

As far as I am aware logging software always records the end time of the QSO.


John G3XDY

On 01/09/2022 18:23, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG via wrote:

" I suspect some get penalised for a mismatch of more than 5 minutes"

I don't think there is any such rule. You are required to log "the time", but I cannot find any reference to whether it is the time of the start of the contact or when it is completed ... nor I can I find any reference to maximum timing discrepancy allowed between logs.

If such rule(s) exist, I would be interested in a link ...

On Thu, 1 Sept 2022 at 18:34, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:
I usually get caught out because I make a contact in the last two
minutes but forget to press enter, so it logs ten seconds late. I
suspect some get penalised for a mismatch of more than 5 minutes in
logging time on long, super-weak contacts, which can take ten minutes or
more. Also perhaps there are some cases where loose talk on KST
indicated that information was passed outside the contact.  The only
time I've felt mildly aggrieved about losing points is where I logged
the wrong received report or serial, but the actual error was that the
other station logged it incorrectly.  Luckily, I'm not invested enough
in contesting to worry about such trifles.  The biggest loss this year
was when I forgot to put in an entry, so anything else pales by comparison!

Neil G4DBN

On 01/09/2022 18:24, Steve G4KNZ wrote:
> I've only entered one contest in recent years - a 3.4G event late 2021
> - and I was a bit put off for having a contact disallowed for a reason
> I didn't understand (so my meagre QSOs went from 2 to 1). I still
> don't know if the other station lost the contact also, nor whose fault
> it was. To be honest, it put me off entering again, and my 3.4G
> station has sat unused in contests since. Possibly I'll come on the
> band but not enter nor send in a check log, to avoid this issue.
> Some decades ago I used to adjudicate these contests, and I struggle
> to recall ever completely disallowing a contact. It was a different
> era, all printed logs, and manual checking. Typically I'd correct
> distances over-claimed, possibly the worst penalty was half points
> because I thought the exchange really was only completed one-way, but
> even that would be rare. I guess it is a sign that contacts in
> microwave contests have become more like 2m or 70cm.

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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