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John Quarmby

Latest AirScout update. Thanks go to Frank for all his work on this.


John G3XDY

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Subject: AirScout news
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 10:03:13 +0200
From: Frank Schmähling <dl2alf@...>
To: dl2alf@...

Hi all,

I've fixed two severe bugs in the OpenSky plane feed. It is many times
faster now and seems to be reliable with no
deadlocks anymore.
The update should run automatically and the current plugin versions should
now be V1.3.4.0 or V1.4.1.0. If not, see the hints below.
Please ensure that you access the data from one AirScout instance only and
no other consumer is running at the same time
on the same account!

Furthermore, I'm working on V1.3.3.7 to bring back server functionality
(V1.3.3.6 has a bug!) and a new AirScout plane feed plugin.
You can run one AirScout instance as a proxy server then and you can connect
other AirScout instances to the server on your local network.
This will help to overcome restrictions with OpenSky data access.

We are working hard to find alternatives for getting plane data from other
sources. Stay tuned for updates!

73 de Frank, DL2ALF

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