Re: Scatterpoint activity reports wanted

John Lemay

I’d be very interested in pictures/descriptions of the sort of kit which is in use for short contests /P, either the UKAC’s or Microwave Group Sunday outings. The way to achieve quick but reliable set-up and take-down is intriguing. It’s a big contrast to the way in which, for example, G0VHF/P and M1CRO/P put the station together, which takes us a whole day.


John G4ZTR


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Sent: 12 August 2022 13:35
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Scatterpoint activity reports wanted


Unfortunately I can’t operate from home, but still change things to improve the set up and go and test portable, had a complete re change of txvtre position on mast for 3cm 6cm and 13cm , which resulted in some new contacts on both 3 and 9 in last group contest, and in ukac, hopefully be active on 24GHz soon and will be out portable in week and group contest

Steve G1PPA/P 

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