Re: Clover Leaf attena

Chris G8BKE

VHF Comms 4/1979 has a 23cms Big Wheel (clover leaf?) antenna article in it by you want a

73 de Chris G8BKE

Web Site:-

Hi all

A member of our Club(MIDCARS) is trying to find information about a Clover Leaf antenna for 23Cms he
built a few years ago form articles in VHF Comms - has anybody got a copy of the articles or any
further information please.


"Many years ago I was given a article for a Clover leaf and 4ele beam for 1296 to use with a
Microwave converter. I see from this VHF Comms site that two articles are listed
DD0OT 1973/2 page 110-115 Clover leaf.
DC8XB 1980/1 page 203-207 4ele beam."

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