Virtual Radar Server plane feed has stopped working

John Quarmby

 Update on Airscout plane feed issue, pretty much as expected I'm afraid.

I would be happy to collate responses to Frank on those running ADS-B RXs if you wish.


John G3XDY

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Subject: Virtual Radar Server plane feed has stopped working
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 19:59:18 +0200
From: Frank Schmähling <dl2alf@...>
To: dl2alf@...

Hi all,


Maybe you already know this from other sources:


The operators of the Virtual Radar Server plane feed had cancelled their free service to the AirScout community.
Bad news, but we are thankful for using this opportunity since many years! Now, we should face the truth that nothing is for free
without giving a return.

So everybody of the AirScout community should consider operating an ADS-B receiver (if it's legal in his country) and feeding the 
data to the ADSBExchange servers!

If you already do so, please send me an 
email. A list of all recent feeders could be a good base for negotiations.
This is the only way to get this service back! 


73 de Frank, DL2ALF


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