Re: Gyrotrons and free-electron masers anyone?

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Colin, it would be good to have some pointers to papers and documentation about how the various gyrotron variants all work.  Most of the Google hits and literature searches produce swathes of superficial detail or extraordinarily over-detailed specifics.  I'm looking for review articles and some technical details about how magnetron injection guns and other sources are actually configured and used, plus details about magnet configurations and cavity designs, sufficient to make some reasonably-realistic 3D animation models.  A lot of that level of detail is probably commercially-sensitive, but the academic work is usually published, albeit behind paywalls.  Someone with insider knowledge might be able to point me at some papers that would help me avoid the fire-hose of twaddle and the deep rabbit-holes of detail.

On 24/07/2022 13:26, Colin Ranson wrote:

Neil, I know someone who designs and builds support electronics for particle accelerators..... would he be able to help do you suppose ? Lives in Ipswich.








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From: Neil Smith G4DBN
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Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Gyrotrons and free-electron masers anyone?


Does anyone on the list have some juicy links or specialist knowledge about free-electron maser/cyclotron resonance devices liks gyroklystrons, gyrotrons and similar?  Specifically about whether the electron velocity/energy needs to be relativistic (greater than a Lorentz factor of 1.2 perhaps?) to get amplification, and whether than means more than 80kV accelerating voltage, or if there's a lower-energy (or less death-ray-emitting) configuration that can still produce useful amplification albeit at terrible levels of efficiency?

Asking for a friend....


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