Re: GB3PKT heard in JN16NL


Hello Pierre,
It would be useful for operators around at the time if you could put the recording of a U.K. 10ghz beacon on to Beaconspot if this is possible. You can still put Sunday’s recording on via a backdated spot. 
Hope to work you on 3cm soon. 
Dave G4GLT. 

On 12 Jul 2022, at 12:50, f4ckv via <f4ckv@...> wrote:

Hi all,

  Just to inform you, that I heard the 3cm GB3PKT beacon last sunday morning  in JN16NL (611 kms / 380 miles) and made a Youtube video that can be read here (with others) :

Unfortunatly, we tried with Dave G4GLT to make the QSO and it was impossible. I will try again to QSO with UK from here as soon as possible

73 QRO de Pierre F4CKV / JN16NL

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