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Hello Michel,
Thank you very much for your email and info.
The reason why you will have had a problem working stations in the U.K. is that I am about the only station active on 3 cm. In Devon/ Cornwall.
I do have equipment for 6 cm that I am in the process of setting up now. I also have equipment for 1.2 cm that I am also setting up. The best way to alert me is via ON4KST. If I am around I usually sign in with a ‘GM all’ and these days I leave the ON4KST on while I am at the portable site. What is your height above sea level at home?
I can easily contact F6DBI from my portable site.
I will look out for you on ON4KST liaison site.
Good luck and certainly hope to contact you soon.
Dave G4GLT.

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On 28 Jun 2022, at 11:37, Michel - F1src <f1src@...> wrote:

Good morning,

Newly registered on this list, i wanted to introduce myself to you. Michel F1src, I have been using hypers for a few years now, first with the 6 cm, now I'm building a 3 cm transverter and I have a 1.2 cm transverter at my disposal since a few weeks. I live in the south of Brittany,ntact OMs in the UK and i thought it would be nice to do some testing through the channel.

I can occasionally travel to the north coast of Brittany and even to the Cotentin peninsula, for 6 cm and 1.2 cm tests.

On 6 cm i have 4 W, for the moment without dish (10 dBi source) and for 1.2 cm dish of 30 cm and 300 mW.

I look forward to hearing from you or contacting you on the microwaves.





PS: Sorry, my english is not great, usually i use an automatic translator to write.

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