Re: Directive Systems 3/6cm dual feed

John Lemay



Disclaimer – I’m still learning about microwave dishes and feeds, so I’m prepared to be corrected ……..


Directive Systems say that their dual band feed is designed for dishes with an F/D of 0.39 to 0.45. That’s a pretty common  installation in a PF dish.


Commercial offset dishes generally require a feed designed for around 0.7 to 0.75 F/D. So it may well be that the lack of performance in your combination is due to non-optimum illumination of the offset dish. It is either over-illuminated (with lots of wasted energy outside the dish rim) or under-illuminated (which only uses a fraction of the dish surface).


There’s lots of info in the on-line W1GHZ antenna book. You just need to get your head around the geometry !




John G4ZTR


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Sent: 28 May 2022 11:27
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Directive Systems 3/6cm dual feed


Hi Guys 


Wonder if anyone out there has had problems trying to get a directive systems dual feed for 3 and 6 cms working properly .I emailed directive systems some time back but received the "we have only used it on prime focus dishes" !!


I've tried it with my 65cm o/s dish and it doesn't seem as good as my original horn feed with flexi waveguide .On 6cms I couldn't hear the beacons I can on my grid pack parabolic dish for 6cms.


I also tried it with a 97cm o/s dish with very poor results on 3cms (didn't test 6cms at that time )


Any help would be appreciated .






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