Re: 24GH2 Linear horn feed for 24 GHz


I also did the mod on the IC 705 with some trepidation. Certainly the closeness of working on the board needs some care. I managed to trap the micro coax on reassembly but realised when the wire did not stretch so managed to save myself having to take apart again. I used araldite to glue to SMD resistor on the minute piece of vero board to the component board. I wouldn’t say the soldering was easy but it does work now. So a sigh of relief.
Dave G4GLT. 

On 21 May 2022, at 15:56, Denis Stanton G0OLX <Stantondenis@...> wrote:

Dave and Dave

I dont knowm why I missed that article in Dubas.

I will go and have a look as I know I have that edition.

I also just viewed that video to strip it down and remove a diode to get 27 MHz working.

Didn't look to much of an effort, but I will see how the module works until it is out of warranty.

Anyway an enquiry about a 24 GHz feed has made a Saturday pass very fast answering replies and then finding the missing link to the PTT mod for the 705

Thank you all



On Sat, May 21, 2022 at 3:44 PM G4FRE <g4fre@...> wrote:
I finally took the plunge 2 weeks ago and took my IC-705 apart and did the DUBUS "5v on TX mod" for the upcoming 24/47/76GHz contest. A Youtube video on how to take the ic-705 apart to extend the coverage to include CB was very useful. It is not for the faint of heart. When i reassembled mine it didnt work above 25MHz but i discovered i had missed plugging in an RF lead!

Previously I used an external diecast box that plugged into the BNC cocket of the ic-705 which used a switching FET. I had hoped to use 5V from the microusb on the ic-705 but discovered this is a 5V input NOT a 5V output, so i ended up using a Poundland 5V cellphone backup battery to provide the volts. 


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