Re: QO-100 dish feed

Keith GW3TKH

Try OE2KHM 13cm helix...


On Monday, 4 April 2022, 07:00:42 UTC, GM6VXB via <martin.andrew@...> wrote:

A few years ago I saw a design using a short (4-6 turn ?) helix antenna for 2.3G mounted round the receive LNB
(note 'round', not seperate) on the interweb as part of a QO-100 system.
Did save it to favorites for future reference but as is the usual case, that PC failed and is now land fill. Spent
a few fruitless hours looking again but not found exactly what I am after.
Want to move away from the 'POTY' antenna as it is not easy to waterproof whereas the design I saw looked to
be easier to mount in something water and salt spray proof.

Have a few days (maybe weeks if WX stays as is) before my 'other' hobby starts again, so looking to resurrect my
QO-100 system, this time with a different dish and feed.

Anyone seen a link ?.

Martin, GM6VXB

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