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Dave - G4RQI


If you don’t think it should be there why not just report it to ofcom? That’s what we did when we had problems in the 70cm band a couple of years ago. Ofcom came out and shut it down.


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Not detectable in Gravesend across the Water from John Either, Is it a CCTV link? They can look similar to this? but strange part of band to find it
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Pete, Alwyn


Firstly the good news – it’s not detectable in Colchester. Good news for me anyway !


The spectrum bears some similarity to what I see from the nearby TV transmitter – multiplexed digital signals. See and scroll down below the yagi pictures. Having observed the similar pattern it doesn’t make sense to me that it would appear on 23cms. So I may have offered a red herring.


I really must update my web pages ……….


John G4ZTR




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Hi Alwyn,


It certainly seems to be coming from the Birmingham area. 

I don't have any expertise in the appropriate area of telecoms to offer a suggestion as to what the type of transmission it is. 

I wonder if others on some of the forums might know?

I thought Ben G4BXD might be able to help who lives SW of Birmingham I think and is QRV on 23cms?




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Dear All,


I have noticed a new QRM source on 23cm since the beginning of February.


It is present 24/7. It raises the noise floor at my site by 25 dB in 3 kHz bandwidth.


G4CLA, G0NZI, G8SEI and I have taken bearings on it and it seems to be located in Birmingham.


On J3E it sounds like hash/ ignition noise. It covers all of 1296MHz to 1298MHz and beyond.


Here is a spectrum analyser trace of it; 3 x 5MHz wide channels, the centre one overlapping the DX part of 23cm. (the peaks at the right of the scan are Clee Hill and other radars).


The centre frequency of the trace is 1295.33 MHz and span is 4 MHz/division. Vertical is 10 dB/division.


I checked the Ofcom frequency allocation table and can’t find anything like this listed.


1. Would anyone have a suggestion as to what it might be?


2. Are there any stations in the Birmingham area that could take bearings on it and report back, so that it can be located more accurately?




Alwyn G8DOH









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