Re: KST2ME demise

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Your 'web thing' looks very promising Robin, thanks for the effort on that. I like the Chat1/Chat2 approach in KST2me, i.e. all messages and filtered messages. I guess that can also be done with two browser tabs. Another thing that sometimes comes in useful is the 'save chat' (to text file)  so you can later read something that was scrolling by too quickly to catch at the time (or you caught the tail end of, as your attention was elsewhere).

73, Phil G3TCU

On 17/01/2022 11:00, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG via wrote:
As some of you may have heard, the author of KST2ME, Bo, has said that no more license keys will be issued,  once your current key expires, it is dead.

If anyone has any specific features of KST2ME that they would dearly love to have included in my web-based alternative, if you could let me know by PM, ideally with a screenshot,  I'll try and at least consider them.

There is a write-up of my web thing here, if anyone is unfamiliar.

Best regards,

Robin Szemeti, G1YFG

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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