Re: G3WDG 144 MHz to 10 GHz Transverter

Colin G4EML

Hi Julian. 

I would suggest you have a listen for the Reigate Hill beacon GB3SEE on 10368.850. That should be a good signal from North London. 
I can also go out to the North Downs at IO91SF if you want to do a test. 
It looks like both are line of sight to Mill Hill. 

Colin G4EML. 

On 17 Jan 2022, at 12:07, g4zod@... via <g4zod@...> wrote:

Over twenty years ago I built the above Transverter and it was tested at Martlesham Round Table.
It has a Small dish on the output with a penny feed.
(It has been in dry storage with my 13 CMs Transverter ever since.)
I recently found a high spot in Mill Hill , NW London and I get a clear view between Canary wharf and Wembley.
Is there anyone to South I could possibly set up a QSO with?
I think I have 1 Watt output ,but I cannot check it as I lent my power meter to someone and he has since vanished with it.

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