Re: GHz Bands column input requested

Barry Chambers

GM John

I have beenĀ  doing some 122GHz tests with G0EWN and G4APV; best dx so far is 12km. More signal is in hand but initial dish alignment in bright sunlight is the problem at present. We have been using red light boxes as alignment aids but need bigger lenses in front of the Phlatlights so will have to dig out the old red light rigs which G0EWN and I still have from the "old days"!

As a diversion, I am also looking at fitting a QRSS1/3 decoder into my 30THz receivers as recording such slow cw by hand is very tedious. Yes, I know about PC software to read QRSS but want the 30THz system to be portable. The 30THz Rxs already have signal detection so a QRSS decoder only needs a software few timers and a buffer since it can also use the existing Rx LCD display.


Barry, G8AGN

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