Re: GHz Bands column input requested


The Martlesham Organisers are looking at a possible one day event for 2022. Details will be announced when firmer arrangements have been made.
Hope to see lots of you there.

Sam, G4DDK

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Hi John


A fallow time of year!


Making progress on 3cm EME – now 21# and 13 DXCC


Slowly building a system for 3cm tropo/rain scatter from home – will be a 60cm dish and 3 watts output. Hope to be QRV by February.


Managed to find a power meter and sensor head at reasonable price – HP437B and HP8481A head (-30dbm to 20dbm)


Do you know if Martlesham will go ahead this year?



Unrelated to column, I will send you an email I recently received from PA3DZL – might be of interest.





David, G4YTL


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Hi All

Its that time of year when it's hard to find much interesting going on that makes good column inches, so I'd appreciate any news or Tech Snippets etc by Wednesday at the latest please.

Otherwise It'll be another "Fen Edge Soapbox" and we don't want that, do we? ! :-)  

Someone must have done something remarkable, but I have to admit I haven't .....




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