Re: G3WDG Filters for 2 mtr to 10GHz receiver

Michael Scott

They were made from 3/4 inch brass rod, I know because I made several hundred for Charlie. Initially, I sent them for silver plating, but later on Charlie found that this was not necessary. The need dried up when people found that 1/2 inch copper pipe caps ( Stop ends in the UK ) worked as well.

73, Mike, G3LYP.

On 17/01/2022 09:08, Andy wrote:

Maybe a dumb question but are the sizes not in the instructions?  I remember there was a section about how to cut and mount the probes that solder to the PCB.  I'm fairly sure they'll be a standard pipe cap size and the top was drilled and tapped for an M4 tuning screw with lock nut.

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Hi Robin 

Sadly no,  I have the kit but these are missing so
was hoping someone here would have an idea of what I mean. 


Dennis G6YBC 

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