Re: lost items and items still wanted


From: geoffrey pike
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021 01:01:40 PST

This is the device i was talking about, no receive path in this one

    <image removed>


HI Geoff.

Not sure how they justify it as a WiFi booster then, with no RX path.  Still, there are other uses of course.  Drone TV downlinks no doubt...  (There's a funny story about those things I was told by a professional time served pen-tester, but that's off-topic for this list.)

Sadly, the picture you included, was so heavily compressed I could not make out any of the Yellow label details, and that was also after saving it to local storage..

Anyway, stay safe etc.

Dave G8KBV.

(Keeper of a venerable FT736r, with a working 23cms module, but no antenna for that band other than one of the common cheep PCB things.  Not exactly outdoor compatible.)

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