Re: lost items and items still wanted


And there's another issue with those eBay booster things.

For one, the listing says 4.5W, but the picture of the yellow rating
label, shows 2.5W.

They use reverse polarity SMA's  (Not a show stopper, but can be a

From recent experience with a 2.5GHz version a friend gave me "to test",
there was a lot of strange squegging spectrum for a couple of hundred
MHz either side of the wanted signal, when it was not pushed into

They have a receive path, but that's lossy, some 7dB from memory, so the
resultant "Range" gain was negative as a result.  It also wrecked WiFi
for several of their neighbours.

Of course, that might have been a "Bad" one, but either way, useless
junk.  (Even the fan rattled!)

I got them a 50m roll of "outdoor" LAN cable to link the
end-of-garden-home-office to the house.  Put an old Lynksys router on
the end, running the Tomato firmware, for SOHO WiFi and gadget
connections.   Job done.   Sanity restored.  (The "Booster" went in the
recycling bin.)

Take care.

    Dave G8KBV.

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