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Alan Melia

Hi Robin I tried but that message disappeared into the byte bucket......interesting yours got through. I am having odd problems with either BT or (unlikely) For instance BT is dumping digests from all my subs. I can get individual messages but nor digests. I know they are sent as they show in my mail delivery tab as ''accepted''. Graham is sub'd to a couple of the same lists and he get digests ok ??

I think its the heuristic rules they apply, but why not for Graham unless he is on a different server.

Alan (confused of MH)

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perhaps a proper link would be better: <>

(or was it reference to a dynamic IP address, perhaps?)

73, Stay Safe,

Robin, G8DQX

On 14/10/2021 10:29, Alan Melia via wrote:
Hi All, It looks as though my previous posting (22:00 on 12th) has been treated as spam by because it has not appeared in the message list after 12hours ......probably because of the clickable link......... annoying.

Try pasting into the address box. At least that wont show as a clickable link to the list server. It is an https site if you want to build the complete address.


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