Re: Activity List for the UK Microwave Group 5.7GHz and 10GHz Contests - Sunday 26th September

Martyn G3UKV

Callsigns: G6ZME/P & G3ZME/P
Locator: IO82QL (Brown Clee)
Bands: 5.7GHz (G6ZME). 10GHz (G3ZME) - not intended to be confusing!
Talkback: ON4KST, 144.390MHz, possibly zello SHF chat. Tel: 07421 001166
Times: Most of day

73 Martyn G3UKV (for Telford & DARS)

On 20/09/2021 12:18, John Quarmby via wrote:
The final session of this years UK Microwave Group 5.7GHz and 10GHz contests takes place this Sunday, 26th September. Entrants can operate for up to 8 hours between 0600 - 1800 GMT (0700 - 1900 BST).

Full rules are here:

As is customary I will post an activity list on Saturday based on your inputs, please use the usual format:

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 5.7GHz 15W 60cm dish
             10GHz  10W 60cm dish
Talkback: ON4KST, 144.390MHz, Zello SHF Chat
Times: Various throughout


John G3XDY
UKuG Contest Manager


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