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Dear All,

By contrast, the late, great Ken Adam was given the task of designing the interior of a B52 for Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

The real thing was, of course, classified at that time and USAF were unhelpful.

Many years later, I took a walk round the inside of a B52- uncannily similar to Ken Adam’s creation.

The account of the making of the film states that an official investigation took place to determine how Ken Adam got it so right- result inconclusive.

That said, and to move the thread back to microwaves- GEC’s first digital microwave links in the early 1970s introduced the innovation of round meters, as a contrast to the ‘60s square ones.

Walking along a transmission bay, I was surprised to have this old fashioned looking rack introduced to me as the technology of the future.

So the latest subs may well have round meters- this is fashion, folks.


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