Offset dish (and positioner?) surplus to requirements...


An odd thing today.

As I travelled along these roads,-1.3507396,17.5z
today for work.  Burbage Road and Sapcote Road, Lash Hlll near Hinkley (UK, in case there's another such named place somewhere.)

Outside the boundary wall at the side of the road (North side of road) was an offset dish, LNB and mount, possibly with some sort of positioner.  Looking for all intents and purposes like it was expected for someone to spirit away.  Not sure of the dish size, but something like 1m or so.   Sadly, I don't know the area well enough to put a pin in the map, but if it is still there, it'll be an easy find.

It didn't look to be damaged, just placed on it's side on the grass between pavement and boundary wall!

Sadly, I could not stop to enquire, but it was only a few hours ago today (about 10:30 UK, Sept the 13th) that I saw that.

Even if I could have stopped and enquired, I could not have taken it in the car, so would have to had re-visit later with the LR or larger van.   Mind you, Mrs KBV would have had a major fitt as there is no way I cold hide such a thing...

So, in case anyone in that area can jump at an opportunity, I've mentioned it hear.


Dave G8KBV.   Now back in the office.

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