Re: 10GHz Capable Sig Gen WB SG 1

Andy G4JNT

I did something similar, using an LMX2541 synth as the source and an under-run ERA-1 as the tripler.   The filter was an evanescent design built in WG20,  then the 10GHz amplified in a surplus module up to +22dBm for a personal beacon source.

JT4G modulation was added using direct programming of the synthesizer.

On Fri, 10 Sept 2021 at 19:44, Greg - ZL3IX <zl3ix@...> wrote:
I also needed a signal source to get going on 10 GHz. My solution was to use a tripler after an ADF 4350 synth module. The tripler I chose was the RMK-3-153 from MCL. It works very well over quite a wide band and gives around -10dBm out for + 11 dBm in, and 2Fin and 4Fin are both respectably low. I used one of the ERA series amps with suitable input attenuation to raise the level of the synth up to +11 dBm. I used a printed HPF at the output to attenuate the drive signal.

The multiplied output from the synth is not particularly clean, but it was good enough to get me going.

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