Re: Stretching the topic slightly for ADF4351 boards

Colin Ranson

Geoff,  its 1KHz... them 10...then 100...then 1MHz. The < > button scrolls through them all.


On switch on, if you want 2556mhz press 2556 then zero until display reads 2556.000 MHz then press ok to output.  Use < > to select step then + + and - - to tweak onto (or almost !) frequency.  C is cancel all.



At some point I will try to injection lock with 25MHz from my Chinese ‘gold’ oscillator

which is only a little out but when multiplied by 390 in an LNB put QO100 about 3.9KHz out !







Colin de G8LBS.


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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Stretching the topic slightly for ADF4351 boards


Is the minimum step 1 KHz or 10 KHz?




On Monday, 6 September 2021, 12:08:41 BST, Colin Ranson <g8lbs@...> wrote:



Hi John

I got one of these from China a couple of years go, tested it to make sure it worked then relegated it to the drawer.

Only last week fired it up again – 1KHz high at 2m, a couple high at 70cm, several at 3400MHz, a some inband birdies at low level, not able to measure phase noise etc.

A useful tool.    Wondering if a stable and accurate 25MHz injection would improve accuracy ?   Theres also another XTAL on the lower board, don’t know its value or its function


Regards      Colin de G8LBS.


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From: G8ACE
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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Stretching the topic slightly for ADF4351 boards


All Synthesists,
I noted this morning AliExpress is selling a programmable ADF synth board with LCD readout for under 10 GBP.  Needless to say this bargain is not deliverable to UK.
So as ever one checks the other sauce,  Banggood.  They have it there VAT paid.  £19.26  inc. shipping at todays exchange rate.  The pcb is different again to those we have become used to using however as you get a complete generator for not a lot more than the last black board I purchased I thought it worth a punt especially as I am get lazy to build these things.  Just ordered one from Banggood so unable to give a revue at this time but thouight it worth passing on the find for others also feeling build lazy.
AliExpress also do the same unit different supplier costing more than Banggood.
I am not seeing an explanation for the use of the USB socket.  On board ref frequency I have not seen either.  Stability might be suspect using the on board ref but could be a useful toy for ones experiments box.

If you check AliExpress as well as Banggood more pictures are shown with the board in more detail.
I have not had any difficulties buying from Banggood.  Its always worth comparing Bangood with AliExpress for price and sometimes items are ready to be shipped from UK but not this time.  Both suppliers can be cheaper than ePay at times.

73s John G8ACE



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