Re: GB3GCT o 10368.935MHz

Neil Smith G4DBN

GCT was a decent RS signal again here in IO93 last night, despite the direct path being totally blocked by trees. I'm taking careful measurements to see which trees I need to fell to open up the direct path.  My chum had a look, sucked his teeth, and muttered "all of them...."

Neil G4DBN

On 22/08/2021 11:32, Dave G1EHF via wrote:
Thanks for the report John. Looking at the beacon site I'm not too surprised by your observations. The location is a local high spot but shielded to the North and South by the Berkshire Downs and Hannington/Walbury Hills respectively. I've attached an area coverage plot from Mike G0MJW's Path Profile software, which illustrates the situation nicely. Much better propagation East/West along the Kennet valley. A little rain probably helps the signal over the hills significantly. 73, Dave G1EHF

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