John Lambo

Hello Group,

We still have some 10ghz SSPAs for sale.

We think that there are amteurs who are not qrv from the moon but this is a nice amplifier for tropo.

Sent a mail to Jac if you want more info..

73  John  PA7JB off the EME Moonbounce Group

We have some nice modified 10GHz SSPAs for sale

PWR OUT:  18 - 22Watt 
PWR IN: 30 -70mW
DC V: 10.5V
DC A: 9 - 11A
Tuned on: 10368Mhz

The SSPA has a seperate DC board for +10V and -5V with protection
NO heatsink, VERY GOOD COOLING is a must !!!
It is almost Plug & Play
With a 1.8m dish and 18-20W@feed you will have a nice EME station !!

For info email direct to: Jac, PA3DZL    emailaddress = pa3dzl@... 

Dutch EME Moonbounce Group

PA0BAT Gerard, PA7JB John and PA3DZL Jac


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