noise genny


The little noise genny from China (where else? but at least they deliver) has arrived and an initial try through my 9Cm filter gives a nice steep sided response. 

It was interesting to see the shape change as I adjusted one of the screws,  much easier when you can see the signal, hi. 

Really need to get a better speccy though, missed a 3.8Ghz one that went for less than £500 and one up to 8Ghz gets no reply to a question from the seller, go figure. 

I just need to box it up and make it easier to use, save dropping anything on it while it's on, and then I can give the filter a tweak.

Finally received it after a week of no post, their are all self isolating here apparently.

Will be on 10Ghz tomorrow, had a nice qso with G4ODA earlier today, thanks Keith.


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