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Colin G4EML

You are right Alan, any modern LNB will have a good amplifier at the front end, possibly with a better noise figure. I think the only real benefit of the Franco boards is that they are fairly old technology and therefore somewhat larger and easier to modify than some of the modern LNBs.


Colin G4EML




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Well you can seam-solder the ground to the enclosure with those ! :-))  I always wondered what was so majik about milled ali boxes for microwaves.     Sour grapes ??   mabe


It might almose be cheaper to buy a current LNB (CPC?) and rip the pcb out replacing the chip if you can find a better one. There doeant look anything special about Franco's boards. I think I have seen examples on Peter's G3PHO web pages, from a few years back.


But waddereyeknow.....I only sell tin boxes :-))




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Thanks Colin, I did have my doubts.... looks like its a Schubert tin plate box from G3NYK.


73’s de G8LBS.


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I don’t think any of the boxes are specifically made for the preamps. 

That milled box is actually quite large. 

On 17 Jul 2021, at 22:15, Colin Ranson <g8lbs@...> wrote:

Can anyone please confirm these are the correct milled box from RF Microwave in Italy to take the ‘Franco’ 10GHz pre-amp ?





If not the only other one they supplied is no longer available.





Colin de G8LBS.

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