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Tony this is/was a problem with BT but it is easily solved (well certinly in my case)
You may already have done this.....but maybe some missed previous descriptions I still see some bounced mails on the list I run but these are generally because the receiving ISP has tagged the mail incorrectly as spam.
Go to web-mail click on your address and click settings on the drop-down menu
select Mail on the LHS menu
then you will see a menu allowing you to block senders or domains
(make sure you did not block anything you want)
Then go to the lower item and set as a ''safe sender''
Without this it seems BT appliesa very aggressive heuristic decision on all incomming mails.
After doing this I got most mails through though some did land in thespam folder until they were approved.
Since doing this I have not been bouncing any list server mail distribution including time-nuts (febo) and mailman or other bulk senders
I have been receiving mail for severalyears not and I cant remember any nasties thathave crept though on any group (unlike Yahoo!)

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In defence of John I had to switch to digest to avoid those continuous bounced message errors from

I was continually having to unlock my account due to this group, others did not appear to be so problematic for some reason.
Since switching to the digest I have not been locked out for something like 2 years.....

Tony G4NBS

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