ADF4351 Controller

Andy G4JNT

OK, your input required pse.
I've resurrected the ADF4351 boot project and now have a setup that can set 16 spot frequencies from data stored in the 16F688 PIC

If I'm going to make the PIC code widely available, need 16 spot frequencies to programme in for those who can't modify and assemble their own PIC code.   This will all have to be done on a standardised reference input - so this will be 10MHz unless anyone really wants 25MHz
or it could be 8 frequencies at 10MHz Fref and 8 frequencies for 25MHz Fref

SO anyone interested, send in your preferences.   If you ASSEMBLE PIC code from a .ASM file you can set your own frequencies - (or, strictly speaking, register sets).

I've done two PCB layouts; one directly plugs onto the SV1AFN board, the other onto the many boards using AD's header connection on their eval board.  This one can cope with both the 5x2 pin and in-line connections

It may be possible to go to 32 spot frequencies - the board was designed for this eventuality with 5 header selection positions.   SO it may be possible to consider 16 frequencies, with two different references , 10MHz and 25MHz



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