Re: Microwave Modules MMT50/144 Help!

Bill N6GHz

Hi Barry, It looks the details of this "fancy" enclosed transverter has been lost. I found and looked at the 70/144 version in the black box and it's not real close. But thanks. If I can help with info for the PA section let me know.
Bill - N6GHz

On 6/23/2021 3:49:17 PM, Barry VE4MA <ve4ma@...> wrote:

Sorry Bill if I looked closer at the picture I would have realized that your unit has a 144 IF and 50 MHz RF side also.

It would be interesting to compare notes on the RF part of the unit.  I had a power transistor  fail  ( High VSWR) , have a replacement but did not complete the repair

Barry VE4MA

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GA Bill, 

I assume that 50 MHz is the IF for that transverter?  I have a MMT 144 MHz IF & 50 MHz RF transverter in the classic black box  but also do not have a  manual 

Best 73
Barry VE4MA


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