Re: Handy solution for 10GHz?

Maarten PA0MHE

Gareth, I feed 8 volt (~50mA) to pins 3, 5 and13 of the 20v connector, and 6.5V (~1.3A) to pin 11 (internally in the RF module the buck is short circuited). I'm not sure if 6.5V is the right value but in this way the MMIC is supplied with about 5V, The 6.5V is made out of 12V by an Ebay Buck on my PCB.
I didn't do the testing of my own PCB yet as I didn't yet receive the naked PCB from JLCPCB yet, but this is in transit. I have a PCB spare if you are interested ?
So no any RX testing yet. TX testing resulted in a little bit less than 1 Watt output.
73's Maarten

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