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The current discussion is really about the benefits of Q65 (usually 60 minute modes) over JT65C and the now withdrawn and relatively short lived  QRA64 modes.
Whilst I rarely use CW, there are still CW only EME contests, but It is noticeable that during these contests there is still a fair amount of digital activity.
23cm EME has the highest level of activity, second only to 2m, and working well over 100 stations is possible, even with dishes below 3m in diameter.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

On 19 Jun 2021, at 18:42, Dave G6HEF <hardknottdave@...> wrote:

Thanks Neil,

OK, so it's just the CW brigade that's objecting to JT65... after all these years!

For their benefit I shall hang my head in shame and admit to having never learned CW. Didn't need it as I never had a desire to go onto HF. Maybe one day, but there is sooo many more important things to do than learn Morse.

Dave G6HEF

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