Re: Handy solution for 10GHz?

Maarten PA0MHE

Hi Gareth,

I have bought the same module.

I'm designing a PCB which replaces the original IF PCB.
My PCB generates the LO2 1987.2MHz (LO1 = 4x1987.2) and converts the first IF 2419.2 MHz to 432 MHz both for TX and RX.
The frequencies are so chosen that with one ADF4351 I can make the LO1 and LO2 with one oscillator and stay within the filters.

Experiments using the 48V buck converter failed due to a mistake my side, I think it is broken now, So I supply the module with 6.5V for the PA, and 8V for the LO and RX part.

when interested I can send more info.

73's Marten PA0MHE

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