Handy solution for 10GHz?

Gareth G4XAT

I bought one of these boards on the off-chance.....since then I have done further research and found this link (scroll down too) http://www.on6ll.be/on7fi/10GHz_CBNL/10GHz_CBNL.htm
With a Pluto as the modulated TX IF source and perhaps a switched in DDS for receive duties (or just use a Bullseye LNB...) it seems a remarkably handy piece of kit.
Has anyone fed one of these with either DC 8V as shown here or the 0-48V as per original?
My thinking is as follows....So output on 10.370GHz - 2537MHz (Pluto TX) = 7833MHz, divided by 3 for TX LO = 2611MHz.


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