Re: CGHV59070F 6cm HEMT arrived

Andy G4JNT

Warning, when filling in end user forms like that, don't say 'educational'.  That get's them worried; as to who is being educated?
When  I was picked up on this (by a phone call from someone at MiniCircuits), I was told to change it to amateur radio and it would go through straightaway with no hassle.  It did.
I wonder how colleges manage.

On Fri, 11 Jun 2021 at 22:45, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:
Much cheaper than the 10 GHz 42 watt MMICs!

£253 each including VAT. Yes, just had to explain the end use and
promise not to send them overseas.


On 11/06/2021 20:16, Dave G6HEF wrote:
> Go on, how much did they cost and what were the EAR regulations? Is
> that to do with promising not to use them for military and that sort
> of thing?

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