Re: LA2T9Q ''6GHz' amplifier spec?

Tim Hague M0AFJ

Pity we can’t get the S/N, I could get you the history and some clue as to its operational status. We repped ETM from many years at Amplifier Research U.K., sold many IJ band amplifiers to go into PIM systems, specifically around 20, which were combined to Astrium Space as was.
Must be worth a punt, they are very reliable, the only problem is the tube. Normally a Teledyne tube was fitted, very expensive to replace.
AR still service these in the U.K. 

Best Regards
Tim Hague M0AFJ

On 9 Jun 2021, at 22:59, Iain Crawford <iain@...> wrote:

Nice. 400 watt TWTA. 8-18GHz. There's 2 of them (lots 84 & 85). I wonder if they work?
I'd put in a bid but collecting it might be a problem. :-)

73 Iain VK5ZD

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