Re: GATs

Andy G4JNT

The red spot and black spot FETs used in the G3WDG 10Ghz transverter from the 1990s were Plessey discards.
Presumably what the GATs morphed into after several years of R+D

On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 at 21:53, Clive Elliott GW4MBS via <> wrote:
I still have this which I think is a GAT3, given to me 40+ years ago by either G3YGF or G3JVL. At the time I was living in Hampshire directly under their tropo path & gave me good experience in looking for weak signals. In fact I have to thank Julian for the nudge to take up CW to make full use of weak signals, hence my change in callsign.
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
Pottering on 6m - 3cm in a valley in IO71XW where any QSO is a triumph of optimism over geography!

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