Re: August RadCom GHz bands input

Barry Chambers

Hi John

Hopefully I will be able to do some more 30THz Moon noise measurements in a week or so (full Moon). I have now properly focussed up my mirror dish which should make quite a difference.

I have heard nothing more from Giles about using his imagers to copy 30THz cw but hope he does try it and report his findings - that's how we all make progres and increase our knowledge

I may try putting a detector with more than one pixel in one of my dishes - only 8 x 8 but it will be interesting to see what the image looks like and whether it offers any advantages - I suspect not because there is no way to combine the signal outputs from each pixel and each pixel in an array will be smaller in area than one large pixel as in the MLX90614 which I am currently using.  .

73 Barry, G8AGN

On 09/06/2021 09:55, John Worsnop wrote:
Hi Folks,
If anyone has any activity news, DX reports or Tech Snippets for the RadCom Column, can you get them to me by this Friday please?  Reports on the recent UKACs welcome, especially if you worked anything out of the ordinary. Reports from newly active stations on 1.3GHz and up particularly welcomed. Any mode....CW, digi, SSB, TV. You name it' I'll cover it! 
Is anyone doing FT8 on 23cms?? If so, does it work? where are you congregating?Send me reports and details.

We HAVE to be seen to be using these bands. Don't keep it to yourself!


Barry, G8AGN

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